What we do

PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. recognizes that human development must take into account the welfare of the individual citizen and that the sustainable development and resource preservation is of the utmost importance today.

Innovation and technological development is essential to achieve these goals, and every PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. collaborator is well aware of this fact. Given this we consider that:

  • We must advise out clients with policies and technical know-how that safeguards their legitimate interests, and taking into account the sustainable growth, environmental considerations and safety of our society in general,
  • Contribute to the innovation of existing technical know-how, and processes, searching for new and improved solutions to the completion for our client’s projects, maintaining profitability without undermining the environment, safety and client satisfaction.

PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. is focused in construction project management, through its various phases

We are a company focused on construction project management, and its various phases, from design, construction and life cycle management, search the best possible solutions to better balance financial costs, environmental responsibilities and health and safety.

Our staff with all its know-how, experience and core values in ready to accept any challenge presented by our clients.

This know-how comes from partnerships created over time and allows PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. to provide a wide-ranging array of engineering services:

  • General construction development projects,
  • Tender management,
  • Development project Q/C,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Environmental assessment,


To provide quality technical consultancy services, maintain the company’s independence in all jobs undertaken. Employ the most updated, efficient tools to achieve superior performance and client satisfaction.


A commitment with excellence and the drive for constant invocation, adding value and improving performance of our services.

Dedication to serving our clients

Our first objective is client satisfaction; to achieve this we identify their needs and demands with our permanent respect for ethical values and professional know-how

People Centric Management

We promote the personal and professional growth of its staff through constant technical updating and improvement.