Main Bridge Structure Completion Macau – Zone A

On 28 Set 2017 Pengest Internacional together with other main project stakeholders celebrated the completion of the main bridge structure.

This bridge will link the peninsula of Macau to the new reclamation, Zone A also a Pengest Internacional project.

The 500m long, dual two-lane bridge is of the reinforced concrete type with post-tension tendons with 70m deep bored pile foundations.





New Contract awarded to Pengest Internacional

Pengest is proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract for supervision and construction management for the new bridge connection Macau to Zone A reclamation.

With a history of 3 bridges successfully completed in Macau, Pengest Internacional has been yet again entrusted by the Macau Government to assist in the completion of this important project for the future development of Macau.

The project consists in 2 parallel bridges stretching over the water, linking Hac Sa Wan, Macau to the north most point of the Zone A reclamation area. The project also includes an vehicle overpass and a pedestrian underpass along the breakwater.


Multi-functional building for Macau Government at O1 lote in Pac On

Pengest Internacional has been awarded a contract for construction management and supervision of the Multi-functional building for Macau Government at O1 lote in Pac On, Taipa.

The building will have 10 floors and occupy an area of 3536 square meters. It will serve as a multi-functional center with parking, storage and office areas available for government usage.



Zone A and E1 – Land Reclamation

Taking into consideration the future sustainable development of Macau the New reclaimed land development plan looks to fulfill the future needs of the community with three public systems; open parks and social areas, public services and transportation.

With a total area of 138 and 51 hectares these areas are intended for public and private commercial development. Areas for public housing are also planned as well as parks and social and public services.

  •  The main objectives planed for the areas are:
  • Improving the quality of life of the population,
  • Promoting the diversification of the local economy,
  • Enhancing cooperation and regional growth
  • Promoting cultural diversity
  • Creating a safe and pleasant living environment,
  • Building an ecofriendly transport system,
  • Building new living low carbon living areas
  • Promoting the sustainable development of the Macau SAR.

The land reclamation projects, zone A and E1 are two of our major projects and together with the Macau government we hope to deliver a superior project as a further step for the sustainable development of Macau.


Zone A Reclamation Project


This reclamation project is ongoing. Zone A is the biggest of the new reclamation projects to be undertaken in the near future in Macau. A total of 5 new reclamation areas are to be built totaling 350 hectares.

Zone A has an area of roughly 138 hectares and a seawall with a total of 5600m, this is one of the largest reclamation projects undertaken in Macau in the last decade.

The future use of this project is to be used for mainly housing, commercial and social areas.

Pengest Internacional is proud to provide services for the Macau government in such an important project.

Zone A