Kwong Tun Av. Drainage Works

Pengest Internacional is providing construction management and supervision services for the Macau Government (DSSOPT). Construction will extend for almost a kilometer with pipes reaching 2m in diameter.

The works will last for several months and will greatly improve the drainage infrastructure of the area considering the recent housing developments in the area and consequent population increase of Taipa. Once again Pengest Internacional has been chosen to provide support for an important infra-structure of our city.






Coloane Treatment Center

We are pleased to announce that the construction of the Coloane Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Complex has been completed.

This three-story building consisting of two blocks with conference, media, class rooms, living quarters and areas for cooking and eating is now ready to receive it’s first clients. The facility also includes sports and social recreation areas.

Pengest Internacional is a progressive company that believes in a collaborative work environment facilitating the delivery of project excelence.

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Coloane Treatment Center

Work continues at the new Coloane Treatment Center. The interior of the building is almost completed and cleaning has begun.

Testing and commissioning of all the center’s systems is underway as the handover date is near.

Fire Department Testing:


Common areas of the Treatment Center:


Activities ball room, eating and fully equipped kitchen and one of the rest rooms available:

details interior

Finished facade and surrounding area landscaping: works



DSSOPT Certification Seminar

During November the 11th and 12th DSSOPT hosted seminars to all those registered or seeking professional registration with DSSOPT.

Some of our engineers attended the seminar to obtain their certification and consequently the official authorization to work as a certified Civil, E&M engineer in Macau.

We are strive to better our skills and knowledge in a constant search to improve our services.

DSSOPT Seminar

Coloane Treatment Center

Work continues in full swing on this latest social project.

The new elevators are being installed as well as the last fittings of the fire fighting system. The wall mounted granite tiles for the building’s facade have arrived and are laboriously installed.

Landscaping has also begun by back-filling the area previously excavated for basement construction.

The last of the reinforced concrete structure is will be concreted soon.

Coloane Tratamento