Macau International Airport – Engineering Consultancy Services

Consultancy services to the Macau International Airport have been a great success. Renovations continue as well as new structures to improve efficiency and service.

This weeks focus project is the new firehouse. The new firehouse built next to the runway access taxiway will support the airport’s emergency dispatch. The firehouse with a reinforced concrete structure (1 storey high) was built over the water, supported by piles.



Kwong Tun Av. Drainage Works

Pengest Internacional is providing construction management and supervision services for the Macau Government (DSSOPT). Construction will extend for almost a kilometer with pipes reaching 2m in diameter.

The works will last for several months and will greatly improve the drainage infrastructure of the area considering the recent housing developments in the area and consequent population increase of Taipa. Once again Pengest Internacional has been chosen to provide support for an important infra-structure of our city.





HCSJ Substation Construction

Construction of the HCSJ Substation continues. This new substation for the Macau Electrical Company (CEM) will provide power to the improved and enlarged CSJ Hospital.

The substation will feature a concrete structure 12m high and 30m long building to house the equipment as well as 1 rolling crane.

Work started in late 2015 with Pengest Internacional providing construction management and supervision for this critical component of the CEM network.




Zone A and E1 – Land Reclamation

Taking into consideration the future sustainable development of Macau the New reclaimed land development plan looks to fulfill the future needs of the community with three public systems; open parks and social areas, public services and transportation.

With a total area of 138 and 51 hectares these areas are intended for public and private commercial development. Areas for public housing are also planned as well as parks and social and public services.

  •  The main objectives planed for the areas are:
  • Improving the quality of life of the population,
  • Promoting the diversification of the local economy,
  • Enhancing cooperation and regional growth
  • Promoting cultural diversity
  • Creating a safe and pleasant living environment,
  • Building an ecofriendly transport system,
  • Building new living low carbon living areas
  • Promoting the sustainable development of the Macau SAR.

The land reclamation projects, zone A and E1 are two of our major projects and together with the Macau government we hope to deliver a superior project as a further step for the sustainable development of Macau.


Coloane Treatment Center

We are pleased to announce that the construction of the Coloane Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Complex has been completed.

This three-story building consisting of two blocks with conference, media, class rooms, living quarters and areas for cooking and eating is now ready to receive it’s first clients. The facility also includes sports and social recreation areas.

Pengest Internacional is a progressive company that believes in a collaborative work environment facilitating the delivery of project excelence.

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