The company was founded in 1984, with a special purpose of managing construction works, design and supervision of civil works, depending on the challenges our clients presented us. Our first project, construction management and supervision of the head office of the BCM (Banco Comercial de Macau) bank.

The PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. technical staff is the foundation of our success, their integrity, hard work and professional ethics has earned the respect of our clients and other construction stakeholders.

We are an International Company dedicated to Construction Management, Design and Supervision. Present in Portugal, Mozambique, and Cape Verde for over 25 years, and with projects in Angola and Latin America we have formed fruitful and long-lasting partnerships that help us to overcome any challenges presented to us by our clients.

We envision a future with hope and trust that with our commitment for improvement and innovation, PENGEST INTERNACIONAL Lda. will grow in capabilities to, as always, better serve our clients, by providing superior expertise, and technical know-how.

Through out all the our projects we aspire and strive to provide the best services, quality for our clients. The quality services we provide as only possible through our excellent staff; dedicated, ethical and with rightmost integrity and professional know-how.

Through this site you will be able to witness our projects, our legacy and our vision for the future.

You can reach us at:

Phone: (+853) 28566394

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